I am a People and Pet Therapist, Medium, Pet Medium, Healer and Speaker.

People & Pet Therapy - I work with pets and their owner to help resolve emotional and behavioural issues they are experiencing, yet the way I work differs from a behaviourist, in that I work with BOTH parties on the issue, as pets are usually sending us a message with their behaviours, they mirror us, and pick up on our emotional wellbeing and state, and what we hold in our energy field. We create a group bond with our pets, our energies blend, so when working on an issue, it is important for me to work with both of you, not just your pet. Common areas that arise: excessive barking, separation anxiety, pet/owner bereavement, trauma/PTSD, psychosomatic issues, sibling issues, and more.

Pet Mediumship - i also offer Pet Mediumship which are sessions where you can ask your pet in Spirit burning questions that may have been troubling you since their passing, or perhaps you are just wanting a reading/message from them. Again, with this work, we often work with owners around emotional release, as often they are syncronicities in the way that pets pass, and our own journey through life. Sometimes our grief too can be so overwhelming that we are struggling to live our daily life, and herein is where we can help with emotional release too and a message from your pet in Spirit.

Tarot/Mediumship - I also offer these sessions whereby we work with tarot/oracle cards for a reading, or I can also offer Mediumship reading too. I am a Platform Medium so serve some spiritual centres and churches where invited to. I also attend some psychic fayres offering readings, as well as hold online Zoom sessions or we can meet in person to do so as well (this would be in a public forum however).

Human Clients - my special interests are codependency, working with females who have been through toxic/narcissistic relationships, and are suffering from low self-esteem, lack in confidence and assertiveness, need healthier boundaries, self-love and compassion. I help them to go from being codependent to being inter-dependent and have healthier boundaries, esteem, and self-love.

Pet/Human Bereavement is another special interest which I have mentioned moreso just above, as this work can be so healing and insightful and help someone from feeling completely stuck in grief to beginning to move forwards in life.


Rahanni Practitioner and Teacher Training - I am a qualified Teacher of Rahanni and can train you to be a Practitioner and in time Teacher of Rahanni. Please see my website for more details on Rahanni, and please email me if you would like to train.

I offer talks on various topics and these can be found on my website and if you would like a topic that is not listed, please just pop me an email and I am happy to let you know.

Group Classes - will be in the offing soon for Sound Healing with tuning forks.

Workshops - also in the offing for 2023, watch this space!

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