I am a pure channel bringing through high level frequencies that balance the system on all levels.  My heart led sessions are described as life-changing.  Never one to play by the rules, I’m here to bring revolution to the world.

My life’s adventure so far…

I began to channel my unique offerings in 2020 (though I have been a healer for over 25 years).  I offer sessions both online and in person. The first of my channelings began with an etheric med-bed, which enables the body’s frequencies and DNA to completely rewire. This technology is even more effective than the current physical med beds.

Then in 2021, during a trip to Avalon, I received a vision, which contained answers to my soul’s journey, a beautiful story encoded with love and sacrifice – I was guided to bring through a container to align and reconnect us to our hearts, in a three month immersive blanket of love, a community of love, through my offering of the Heart Alignment Course.

In 2022, I channelled Etheric Regeneration and Bioresonance (ERB). I was led to bring frequencies through (these come from the Pleidian’s my source of origin), which are similar to those that a bioresonance machine emits, yet because these have the added power of pure intention behind them, it is truly life-changing.  I also empower people to learn to do this themselves in a two day workshop.  I have seen fantastic results with this therapy, and it’s the only modality that makes my blood sugars more stable as a Type 1 diabetic, I am excited as to where this will lead.

Now in 2023, I am excited to announce that I have channelled a new offering “The Key To Your Soul Path”.  This two part session will equip you with everything you need to release any shadow elements within.  We will delve into your human design and gene keys, which provide us with a map and answers to your soul’s mission this lifetime, this will culminate in me composing a soul song uniquely for you including a bespoke light language transmission, that will bring your DNA in perfect alignment enabling you to adapt, to co-create and move seamlessly to be part of our beautiful new earth.  You will receive an exquisite illustrated bespoke manuscript including a copy of your soul song, and a recorded to healing to listen to, to remove the many layers of shadow, enabling you to experience all of the gifts that life has to offer.  You will never again wonder about the purpose of life, because you will understand all that there is to know.

I have uniquely been gifted these wonderful offerings, and I can’t wait to share these with you.

I work with clients globally and can provide sessions and workshops online or in person

Are you ready to step inside, and change your life forever?

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