Matt ‘The Humble Bear’ Hillier is a certified Full Power Cacao Ceremony Facilitator, Life & Spiritual Coach, Soul Alignment Mentor, Galactic & Soul Language Channeler, as well as being an Angelic Reiki, Theta Healing practitioner and Soul Language Healer.

He holds space for a new paradigm of the masculine/feminine dynamic, teaching the masculine to relinquish control and stand beside the feminine whilst they channel inspiration and creativity in order to help manifest joyfully in the material world. Also giving permission to the sacred feminine to step out of their own wounded masculine energies of completion and fear and to ultimately be the powerful feminine that they are. To dance through life bringing pure creativity, flow and abundance to the world. Showing them what it is like to be truly held and be safe in the presence of the divine masculine.

He uses his experience with mental health, meditation and mindfulness to help you regain a sense of balance in your life. Most of us have filled our lives with an incredible amount of noise and commotion, leaving our bodies and minds in a state of constant survival mode with fight or flight chemicals and hormones flowing through us, throwing us off kilter and out of alignment. Using a variety of tools and techniques Matt looks to reset this to the natural resting mode innate to our being, create space in our thought life in order to bear witness to our subconscious patterns and beliefs and to restructure these in a positive and constructive manner.

Matt’s spiritual journey really started in August 2018 when he hit rock bottom, narrowly survived a suicide attempt. This was the culmination of years of deteriorating mental health and a battle with drug and alcohol addiction. After voluntarily attending a rehabilitation centre for 2 months and rigorously applying the 12 step program to his physical, mental and spiritual life. He surrendered himself and opened his life to the divine for guidance and salvation.

Oh boy did they answer! Matt has been on a super charged journey of self discovery and transformation.

In 2020 he slowed his life right down and practised daily presence for a whole year, at the end of which his coaching business, Spiritual Fitness, chose to be birthed into the world through him, he was guided to attend one of Liam’s infamous Stone Cold Sober retreats and commenced his work with Cacao to help bring this beautiful medicine to the hearts of the community and the world. Through this Matt has also formed a strong connection with the angelic and galactic realms, channelling messages, energies, Reiki and healings from the ArchAngels, dragons, Blue Avians and Lyrans to name just a few.

Matt now works with Cacao on an intimate basis (along with Yoga, Breathwork, Mediation and Cold Water Therapy) to bring love and guidance to his life and the lives of those he touches. Connects with his guides and beings of many dimensions for direction and spreads the teachings and wisdom that is bestowed on him to the many souls that are drawn by his light. He is also the first FULL POWER CACAO ambassador, putting his name, reputation and entire being behind this beautiful entity of healing power.

Matt has a beautiful grounded, calm and centred energy which enables feelings of safety to open your more vulnerable facets to be healed.

His mission is to reintroduce peoples ‘Human’ to their ‘Being’ and to help them become everything they were always meant to be!

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