“I empower you to shed the outdated version of yourself that is holding you back and ignite the fire and magic to step into a renewed life with confidence, endless possibility and ultimately happiness.”

I do not “do fluff”. I keep it grounded and real.  I mirror back your reality in order to wake up your spirit and kick start it into action.
I create a bridge to transport you to the where you want to be.
I support you to re-frame your mindset to abundancy setting.
I reset the energy field that holds the negative effects of trauma, past relationships, patterns, blocks and beliefs.
Training and workshops, (up to practitioner level) to include The Balance Procedure and transformative energy healing.

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In person, Online, Home Visit

Works with Children/Young Adults


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13-17, 18-25

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  • February 26, 2024 7:51 AM local time

  • Melanie
    November 1, 2022 at 7:01 PM

    I blessed the day I met Sandra from
    Blue Pool and eternity grateful for the recommendation to Colleen Young who has provided support through an area of my life that had stagnated.
    What can I say about Colleen? Well, she has worked with me the past year to change my thought process, gain momentum and motivation and provide Quantum healing via weekly zoom calls. Colleen is very calm, supportive, non judgemental and an excellent listener. From the inception of our meetings, Colleen took time to allow me to reflect on my issues and concerns and formulate a holistic action plan to ‘re wire’ my thought process enabling me to move forward with determination with positive communication. Throughout, Colleen’s demeanour has displayed
    empathy, true compassion whilst being non judgemental, professional and essentially, reassuring confidentiality.
    Our sessions are always in a ‘higher vibration’ with grounding and protection essential for our ‘greater good’ Within our zoom appointment,
    ,Colleen implements ‘Quantum healing’ which is so powerful and relaxing and i truly believe my soul is being healed by the divine spirit and ascended masters that Colleen respectfully asks to step forward to support with the healing process. As mentioned at the start, words just can’t describe how wonderful the sessions with Colleen are and hand on heart, she has really helped me move forward and empowered me with coping tools, self awareness and self love. I would not hesitate to recommend Colleen and urge you not to ponder as you too could be on the road to self discovery with a positive, happy spin on life with tools to cope in difficult times. So, if you want to have a life without ‘blinkers’ be empowered to formulate a well being plan with a view to an enriched independent life then Colleen is the beautiful lady that will work alongside to support and guide you. My husband has voiced that Colleen has imparted a positive change in my outlook on life and i testify that Colleen really cares for her clients and goes above and beyond and is a true empath with such warmth and compassion. .So Colleen, I thank you for everything you have done for me and you truly deserve continued success. My life now has a future vision and this is the result of our collaboration to achieve a better way of life.

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